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Each of my coats is hand made expressly for you. You choose the design, color, and hand-painted surface style that you want. You can also choose how warm you want it with an inner core of polar fleece or faux fur on one side. And yes, if super warmth is your goal, you can have both.

I will work closely with you at every step to make sure you get the coat of your dreams.

Every coat takes 3 weeks to make. My busiest time is fall and winter and there is a waiting list during those months that can be as long as 4 months. After you place your order, I will give you an approximate delivery date.

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The Charlotte Start designing your coat

Starts at $599

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The Jennifer Start designing your coat

Starts at $599

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The Sansa Start designing your coat

Starts at $599


Why Boo and Grace?….My Mom taught me to sew at the age of eight, but more than teaching, she gave me her creative DNA and creativity has sustained and driven me in every corner of my life and in very surprising ways. I wanted to honour her in a very subtle way.
Boo was my Mom’s best teenage friend at the cottage where she spent her summers. To this day, no one knows why she was called Boo. Boo never called Mom by her given name, but always called her Grace. And we don’t know the why of that either. And so I chose Boo and Grace as the slightly odd and subtle nod to my mother. I took the first photos of my coats at the dock where they played and swam.

Thanks, Mom, for all of it. Learn More

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